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Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services PK IT Rizwan provides comprehensive solutions to optimize your website for search engine rankings. Our team of experts will review your website’s architecture, content, code, and links to ensure that it is optimized for maximum visibility on search engines. We will also use the latest tools and techniques to identify and remove any potential obstacles that could be hindering your website’s ranking. With our technical SEO services, you can be sure that your website will be properly indexed and ranked by search engines for increased visibility and increased traffic.

Baic SEO


$80 off 50%
  • 1Website Audit (free 30 pages)
  • Indexing Setup
  • Basic issues 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • CDN implementation
  • SSL/HTTPS implementation

Site Audit

  • Crawl accessibility
  • Indexation issues
  • Duplicate content checks
  • Basic on-page optimization

Indexing Setup

  • Sitemap creation
  • Robots.txt optimization
  • Canonicalization

Basic Configurations

  • Basic server setup
  • CDN implementation
  • SSL/HTTPS setup

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Fix crawling errors
  • Diagnose indexing issues
  • Implement redirects
  • Fix mobile usability issues


  • Google Search Console review
  • Technical SEO status reports
  • Recommendations for improvements

Premium SEO


$340 off 50%
  • 3Website Audit (free 2 website)
  • Indexing Setup
  • All  issues 
  • Weekly Reporting
  • CDN implementation
  • SSL/HTTPS implementation

Initial Audit

  • Crawl accessibility check
  • Basic on-page optimization review
  • Duplicate content assessment
  • Core web vitals review

Indexing Setup

  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Basic robots.txt file
  • Canonicalization of key pages

Initial Configurations

  • Basic WordPress/CMS optimizations
  • CDN setup for faster load times
  • SSL/HTTPS implementation

Launch Troubleshooting

  • Fix initial crawling errors
  • Verify page indexing
  • Redirect setup from test URLs


  • Google Search Console verification and setup
  • Initial technical SEO status report
  • Prioritized recommendations for optimization

Growth SEO


$510 off 50%
  • 10Website Audit (free 5 website)
  • Indexing Setup
  • All issues 
  • Daily Reporting
  • CDN implementation
  • SSL/HTTPS implementation

Comprehensive Audit

  • Detailed crawl analysis
  • Indexation and duplication audit
  • On-page optimization analysis
  • Core web vitals diagnostics
  • Accessibility and quality assurance testing

Advanced Indexing

  • XML sitemap suite
  • Custom robots.txt strategies
  • Intelligent canonicalization flows
  • Advanced URL mapping

Site Performance

  • Server-level performance tuning
  • Page-level speed optimizations
  • Advanced CDN caching strategies
  • Next-gen image compression

Machine Learning

  • Automated site crawl insights
  • AI-driven link opportunity discovery
  • Automated tag analysis and recommendations

Dedicated Troubleshooting

  • Manual debugging and fixes
  • Google expert liaison for complex issues
  • Customized remediation roadmaps

Premium Reporting

  • Executive technical SEO status reports
  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Graphical recommendation presentations

Our case study

download 5 1
  • Ewom Industrial Valve is committed to creating a great online experience for its customers.
  • To provide faster access to the website, our team has implemented several strategies to speed up page loading performance.
  • Caching lines up with best practices for customer engagement and exposure times: It reduces site visitor load times by storing frequently accessed content and resources in the visitor’s browser, so that content can be accessed quickly and reliably when a user views a page multiple times.
  • HTTP compression also helps speed up page load times by reducing the size of files used to display content.
  • This mutually reinforcing performance-based strategy demonstrates our commitment to keeping Ewom Industrial’s site fast, efficient, and engaging, resulting in a better overall user experience.
  • Aiou Studies is an online website for educational materials.
  • Over the years, this popular website has experienced a drastic drop in page load times due to the amount of content and users on the website.
  • These include the use of content delivery networks, compressed files, JavaScript and CSS minification, and HTTP caching.
  • Also, the website has resolved any of the 404 errors that were associated with the website.
  • By improving how the website is indexed by Google, website visitors can now access the website and content through more convenient means.
Technical SEO case study