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What is the SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for any new e-commerce business hoping to drive traffic, leads, and sales in 2024. With over 3.5 billion daily searches, capturing organic search visibility is key to competing online.

But with Google’s algorithms evolving rapidly, what should e-commerce sites focus on for their SEO strategy this year? Here, we break down the essential components for SEO success in 2024.

The SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024?

The document discusses the SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024, outlining key elements to focus on for SEO success this year for new ecommerce websites, including conducting 

Keyword researchOptimizing for featured snippets &voice searches
Improving technical SEOBuilding backlinks
Master Local SEOMuch more.

Conduct Thorough Keyword Research

The foundation of effective SEO is identifying high-value keywords that map to your products and services. Rather than targeting broad terms, analyze search volume and competition for long-tail keywords. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, and Ahrefs are invaluable for keyword research.

Focus on user intent to reveal customer needs. For example, “best budget laptop for college” indicates a purchasing need, while “laptop reviews” suggests informational intent.  Tailor your content accordingly.

Optimize for Featured Snippets and Zero-Click Searches

Featured snippets provide a box of concise content at the top of search results. If your content qualifies for and ranks in these coveted positions, it can massively boost visibility and clicks. Craft optimized FAQ and “how to” content that meets featured snippet criteria.

Similarly, answer boxes provide direct information without requiring a click-through. Ensure your website contains the content to satisfy and rank for informational zero-click searches.

Elevate Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust

Google cares deeply about E-A-T signals. Demonstrate your expertise through high-quality, well-researched content. Publish profiles of knowledgeable staff members.

What is the SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024?
What is the SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024? 7

Build authority and trust by securing backlinks from reputable industry websites, earning positive customer feedback and reviews, and highlighting security features and certifications. The more authoritative your brand, the better you’ll rank.

Optimize for Voice Search Queries

With voice search on the rise, ensure your website matches how actual users ask questions conversationally. Optimize your site for long-tail natural language queries like “What laptop is best for university.” Voice search prioritizes featured snippets, so crafting optimized FAQ and how-to content is important.

Implementing a Technical SEO Audit

While content optimization is crucial, technical site health impacts rankings too. Perform periodic technical SEO audits, addressing any indexation issues, broken links, site speed problems, or mobile UX flaws. Monitoring core web vitals like page speed and being mobile-friendly are now Google ranking factors. Stay vigilant.

Master Local SEO

For ecommerce brands with a local presence, excelling at local SEO is vital. This means optimizing your Google My Business listing, encouraging customer reviews, consistency across local citations and directories, and targeting localized keywords. Ranking in the Local Pack drives store visits and sales.

Choose the Right E-commerce Platform

Your entire technical SEO foundation relies on a fast, mobile-friendly, and secure e-commerce platform. Shopify and BigCommerce are excellent optimized choices. On the other hand, a dated, slow WordPress site will hamper your performance no matter what you do content-wise.

Image showing how to select the best e-commerce platform
What is the SEO Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2024? 8

Build High-Quality Backlinks

While link building has become harder in recent years, backlinks remain crucial for rankings. Focus on earning authoritative niche links through guest posting on reputable industry websites. Partnerships, influencer marketing, and creative linkbait content also attract high-quality backlinks.

Those are the essential pillars for sculpting an effective SEO strategy for e-commerce businesses in 2024. By pursuing technical excellence, elevating expertise and authoritativeness, optimizing for featured snippets and voice search, mastering local SEO, and securing reputable backlinks, new e-commerce websites can build sustainable organic growth this year.

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